ATS is committed to provide comprehensive, well defined, age and grade appropriate curriculum to all students with high quality programs in key learning areas. The curriculum ensures students level of development to their potential, regardless of gender or level of ability. Based on student’s age and their Tamil language proficiency, ATS has structured 8 levels of classes, Vaguppu 1 (Kindergarten) to Vaguppu 7 , for language learning.

Currently, ATS syllabus is derived from a national standardized curriculum. The Curriculum is designed by the people who live in the US, with appropriate focus on reading, writing, and conversation for the students who live in the US.

The ATS teaching material for each level is a combination of Textbooks, Workbooks, and other appropriate materials from various sources. Even though ATS follows a national curriculum, the individual class teacher may adapt a lesson plan to be more appropriate for the Tamil teaching.

The curriculum is reviewed on a regular basis by a group of experts to improve the quality of the program, teaching methods and techniques. The constant improvement of the syllabus is achieved by

    Constant self-evaluation
    Regular feedback from students and teachers